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Marketing Consultant, Richmond VA

Strategic Media Buying  is a marketing consultant offering every type of traditional, mobile, new media and online media buying services.

We create strategic media solutions that deliver the most bang for the buck.  Our job is to develop realistc media budgets, assist with planning, as well providing research and data on your target audience. 

Whether you need your SEO tuned up, are just jumping into marketing, or need to improve your website and get the keywords cleaned up we can help.  If you would like to discuss creating an online ad budget, we can handle that, too.

You will find that while broadcast television and the local media's marketing services are an area of our significant expertise, we are also well versed in practical online marketing solutions in SEO, SEM AdWords, Mobile and In-App Ads, Social Media Ads and will recommend what we consider your best options in any media and a schedule.

We've been reaching audiences and targeting customers since before there was email marketing or even the internet. As these media channels and delivery methods emerged, we've successfully added them to our base of knowledge and case studies and examples to go by. We've never stopped learning and make every effort to remain up to date on best practices and industry changes.


We license professional software applications, use professional research and media analysis tools to get the job done right for every client, and dedicate many hours each month to learning, webinars and technical industry news.