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You need someone on your side. Breakthrough Marketing & Media Strategies was created to provide an insider's competitive advantage for small businesses dealing with large media companies. You get professional services delivered on your timeline and within your budget.

Strategic Media Buying is a pure media buying service which provides your company the key strategic benefit of making every media dollar you spend go farther than buying direct.

The founder and owner, Steve Genett, has over 32 years of experience producing media, operating advertising agencies. Steve has created inventory management and sales processes in broadcast television stations, so he knows their methods of pricing. 

Steve has also launched new media ventures, online marketing platforms, created integrated media sponsorship opportunities and successfully started and grown local community events.

Give us a call. We can review your invoices and let you know if you are overspending.


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You surely recognize that social media marketing can be one of the largest challenges businesses face today. Not just deciding what to post, but finding the time to do it!

The average business owner spends up to 22 hours a week dealing with all forms of marketing.

Our dedicated social media management  business unit has a separate website:  http://www.socialmediadonesimply   providing action based easy to understand social media marketing solutions that will save time and which will deliver results for your company.

You Will Save Time Working With Us

You don't need the hassle of dealing with multiple media rep's and the daily distraction of working with stations to produce your ads. Don't be 'sold' an online marketing solution.  Spending your time worrying about how you don't have time post on social media is stressful. You can save time by turning all this time consuming work over to an outside source like Breakthrough Marketing & Media Strategies.

You Will Save Money Working With Us

Our fully owned and operated media buying service, Strategic Media Buying LLC, will be sure you don't over pay. 

Furthermore, we will provide you with better placement, more value and help you to reach more customers. 

You will save clients 5% and more in reduced traditional TV-Radio-Cable-Outdoor media commissions when placed through our media buying services.

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